Positive outcomes: What horse owners have to say about Equi-Bow

My first reason for using Equi-Bow was as a great way to pamper my horse during the show season but after 2–3 visits I started to notice a more balanced ride and more aligned performance. Judy was very helpful and patient answering questions and educating me on how the different muscular areas react to her touch. Overall using Equi-Bow has been a great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a more holistic approach to optimizing muscular performance and health of their horse. Thank you Judy! AV

During our Equi-Bow sessions I saw my horse completely relax into it, now she appears to be cribbing less for the first time in years. Judy conducted herself quietly and confidently, softly explaining the methods as needed. I enjoyed our sessions with Judy as much as my horse did. PR

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