Equi-Bow is a gentle form of hands-on bodywork that uses specific series of muscle and connective tissue movements to stimulate the nervous system to reset itself and begin healing. 

What is Equi-Bow?

Releasing Discomfort, Resetting the Nervous System,  Restoring the Body’s Natural Balance

A powerful, proven technique that enables the body to heal itself

Developed by Canadian equine experts with over 40+ years of experience in holistic horse care, the Equi-Bow Technique is a non-medical modality that uses a combination of bowen, Cranio-Sacral and Feldenkrais techniques to ease discomfort and address a variety of conditions. Equi-Bow practitioners use light touch to influence muscle and connective tissue, in order to release deeply held ineffective postural patterns and allow the body to re-balance and heal itself.

Gentle, non-invasive and effective

During a session—typically lasting anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour—the Equi-Bow practitioner uses thumbs, fingers and hands to make a series of gentle movements intended to “disturb” the superficial fascia and underlying structures. This is followed by a quiet pause that allows the horse’s brain to process the new information, form new neurological connections, and realign the body to a state of health and well-being.  In almost all cases, horses are calm and deeply relaxed during and after each session. Improvements usually become apparent within two to three sessions, although chronic conditions may require additional sessions.

Useful in addressing a wide range of conditions

Equi-Bow has been seen to affect a wide variety of physical and emotional issues including: gait disorders, postural problems, stifle, hock and knee restrictions, hip and pelvic discomfort, laminitis, chronic pain, shoulder and back problems, TMJ Syndrome, digestive and respiratory disturbances, behavioral issues, asymmetry, sports injuries, nervousness, and more.

Equi-Bow Canada, Inc.


Equi-Bow Technique does not in any way substitute for proper veterinary care, but forms a complementary support to veterinary medicine. An Equi-Bow practitioner cannot diagnose illness, disease or any other physical disorder, prescribe medications, or perform any surgical procedures.

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